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Papillon Colors

The breed standard states..............

COLOR - Always parti-color, white with patches of any color. On the head color other than white must cover both ears, back and front, and extend without interruption from the ears over both eyes. A clearly defined white blaze and noseband are preferred to a solidly marked head. Symmetry of facial markings is desirable. The size, shape, placement or absence of patches on the body are without importance. Papillons maybe any parti-color, provided nose, eye rims and lips are well-pigmented black. Among the colors there is no preference.

The following faults shall be severely penalized. (1) Nose not black. (2) Color other than white not covering both ears, back and front, or not extending from the ears over both eyes. A slight extension of the white collar onto the base of the ears or a few white hairs interspersed among the color, shall not be penalized provided the butterfly appearance is not sacrificed.

Disqualification - An all white dog or a dog with no white.       

Papillon Color type
Color Description 
 Photo of color type
 Classic Tri color
 A classic tri color has a white
base coat color with patches of black and tan highlights on the eye brow, cheeks and sometimes the insides of the ears and under the tail.
These tan highlights can be other places too, however, they are not to be more pronounced or cover more area then the black.

Minimal Tri
This guy is a tri color he has 2 lighter tan eyebrows and a little tan on his cheeks. This is a good example of what we call a minimal tri because you almost can't tell it is a tri.

Tri Color
This Girl's tri marking bleed into the rest of her coat. She is still a Tri color just not your Classic

This is a Hound Tri, With a sable colored head with black body patches

 Sable/whiteThe Sable coat color varies in base color from deep red to lemon however all sables have black tips on the end of the hair, giving you the look of a three colored dog.

The base color is white with patches of the sable color.

Possibly will
become a lemon and white
This is a lighter sable and white

 Black Sable/ white
 This girl appears to be Black and white but when you pull the hair up and look at the roots of the hair its clear she is a sable and white. As she gets older she will become more and more sable. If the one above is a lighter sable She would be a really dark sable. 

 Sable/white There are many different shades of Sable and White

 Black/WhiteThis is a base coat color of white with patches of black.

 Red/White This is a base coat color of white with patches of red