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Happy Clients

Letters and photos from our Puppy clients

Two Best Friends

She is just a tiny bundle of joy.  And she has already found herself a career as a laundry theif.  She loves snatching socks that I drop on the floor and run around the house  (yeaah, like anybody would go after you, since you're so too cute, we let you get away with stuff)  


Hi Cherish,

As you can see Jordie puts up with everything!! He's a doll. Hope all is well.  Happy Spring! Kristie


Griffin is now a therapy dog with "West Michigan Therapy Dogs!, he wears his vest proudly. We will be doing Ruff Readers this summer at the Cascade Library Branch, where a child can read to him. He is such a good dog, no barking, but he is a licker, I keep grabbing at his tung but he thinks its a game, lol.
Notice how when he sits, he picks one front paw up and will switch back & forth.

His hair grows so long, sometimes I even have to trim his thigh hair because it covers his back legs, and I trim his tail just a little, it get stepped on so often, haha
I sure enjoy him, he is my therapy. I love him dearly, thank you for him, he is sooooo handsome, people compliment him all the time!


This is the photo that reminded me of the funny scene in the movie Shrek of the Prince flinging his beautiful hair in slow motion... "Clarice"

Michele B


Hi Cherish and Tammy,
Hope all is well with you. I thought you’d enjoy seeing that Jordie’s ears are coming up after all. They’ve been going up and down for a while.
What a great little guy he is. Just like you said Cherish, nothing fazes him. He thinks the mini agility obstacles in his puppy classes are great, so we may have to pursue that in the future. Thanks again for our wonderful little man.

PlayTyme's Daily News  aka "Jordie"

Hi Cherish,
Today is Bella's 3rd birthday, I can't begin to tell you how much joy this girl has brought to us, we absolutly adore her!!!!
I thought you might enjoy some updated pictures. I sent you a birthday picture along with some pictures from agility. We go to class every week and Bella absolutly loves it. These pictures were taken at a Show N Go in Kalamazoo a few weeks ago. I now work with a few people you know Chris VanVleet (Hill) and Nan Campbell (it's a small world). Chris took these pictures for me while we were on the course.

Take Care
Connie B

Hello Tammy and Cherish!

Our family feels so grateful for our new member of our family! Her training in many areas, by both of you, was amazing! So many people see a small dog and assume that they will be barkers, of course, those people are unaware of the success of a breeder's training can be to socialize their pets. The doorbell will ring and she will quietly turn her head and as our company would come into our home she would stand and look at them without jumping up on them or barking, which many pets will do. In fact it took a few weeks to even hear her bark.

She immediately adored our daughter who is 12 years old and follows her everywhere. They have mutual adoration for each other! She slept on the first night with our daughter and they continue to enjoy sleeping together each night. We only put her in her kennel when we leave the house and even then she doesn't cry, whine, or bark. When we come home, she remains calm until we get her out of her kennel as we cannot wait to scoop her up into our arms as she brings us so much unconditional love.

These attributes are equally combined with her training by Cherish and Tammy and the Papillion breed. My heart has guided me to write this testimonial so that others can experience what we have by this breed and these two awesome breeders.

Other attributes that we have delighted in with our little lady Papillion is:
Very well mannered, good with children, easily outdoor potty trained, doesn't beg for food, listens to verbal commands, very smart, good company as they lovingly follow you, and fetches and fun to play with.

We bathe her ourself as bathing her is so easy. She doesn't fuss or squirm. After toweling her off, she practically "drip drys" herself (and there is no drip really, she is just dry and beautiful). Naturally in the cooler weather we give her a small amount of time under the blow dryer, which doesn't take long as they don't have a heavy fur undercoat and she is beautiful.... quick as wink. They are very low shedding and you can brush them for fun, not because they need it as their hair does not mat up. And ready for the big one....? No groomer costs! Unless you find that outting fun for your pet......they look perfectly groomed all the time. My daughter enjoys to comb her, but it is not out of necessity for her to have that groomed look. The hair always looks great and doesn't need cutting or trimming to "maintain the breeds look"! She looks like a "high maintenance" beauty with "barely any maintenance" at all! Her mother and father have a long list of "championship titles" and we smile thinking this little gal could be in the show ring herself, but she is a "goddess" in our home and we "absolutely adore everything" about her!!!

My daughter has allergies and finding a breed was important to us that wouldn't bring more allergetic symptoms on. After our research of many breeds and our now experience of this breed, we have found no symptoms in having her in our home or her sleeping side by side with her. Again, she is perfect!!

Our favorite time of the day is to play with a mini football with her in the back yard. Watching her agility is incredible and such a delight! She is so graceful and her hair flows so beautifully that you feel you are in the presence of royalty :) So much so that finding the perfect name for her was important to us. Her name on her papers was Panda Bear, but with her intellect, lineage, and sofistication and having fun and respect in mind, we named her Foxy Cleopatra, (it's not French) but with her beautiful black markings around her eyes we could easily see her on the lap of any queen. Thanks J.P.

Hi Cherish,

I know it’s been awhile – I’m sorry I’ve been busy. I sent you three pictures from my phone of the girls – I took them 11-27-10. Moet is beautiful she has Puzzles ears they are long and beautiful. Her coat is just beautiful it’s like silk long and flowing. Moet  and Chiani are perfect in every way. Moet is so smart – she can do anything and we both know little Chianti is brilliant. Surprising to me is Moet is the boss – she lets Chianti and I both have it when she thinks we need it. (she is more than a little spoiled) I love them both so much – again thank you for sharing these wonderful dogs with me. Tell your Mom hello!

Kris K.


Cherish and Tammy,

Just wanted to let you know that Sophie is a winner!! Of course we already knew that but she won First Place on both Saturday and Sunday in the 12 - 18 month girls class. She also won Reserve Winners both days. Anyway, we had a great time and Sophie even met a second cousin.  Cindy Jones said to be sure to say Hi for her. She was very excited to meet another Puzzle & Scribble puppy. They were all very nice and we received some good tips and suggestions of things to work on. We haven't signed up for any other shows yet but we are going to continue with our show training class and agility. We will let you know about any future big wins.

Anita & Sophie


Hi Cherish! I wanted to send you a few updated pictures of my sweet, adorable Pacha! He is everything I've been looking for in a new papillon.  I love how smart he is and his loving personality. He's a strong, healthy little guy and he's the love of my life! I had him groomed last Saturday and took a few pictures of him outside next to one of my planters. I'm also training him to go into his cabana I bought him to avoid the heat of the summer, so there's a picture of "cabana boy" attached as well. Many thanks (or "merci mille fois" as they say in French)! See you soon!


Tippy is very happy in her new home :)