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What is a conformation show?

This is an event that is judged on the breed standard of the dog. It is a beauty pageant/contest. A competition that mainly focuses on the physical beauty and the personality of the dog. This is not a good sport for a shy dog.

Most show dogs are very confident or they don't last long in the sport. Not only do they have to have the personality for a show dog they also have to have the structure to go along with this. See Breed Standard and Judging Show Dogs.

Who can compete in an AKC Conformation show?

Any dog with an AKC full registration who is not Neutered/spayed and does not have any disqualifying faults.

What Can I expect at a show?

Dog shows are very busy, crowded, and FUN.

Most judges will call the class in by breed and then by the different classes: 6-9 month old boys, 9-12 month boys, 12-18 month boys, Bred by  boys, American bred boys, Open boys.
All of the class Winners from these classes will go back into the ring to compete for Winners Dog.

Next is the girls 6-9 months old, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, Bred by, American bred, Open.
All of the class winners from these classes will go back into the ring to compete for Winners Girl.

Then comes Breed.

The Champions will enter the ring to compete for Best of breed as well as the Winners dog and Winners Girl to determine Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Best of Opposite sex..