Playtyme Papillons of Distinction - AKC Breeder of Merit


We often get asked about shipping puppies.  While we don't always have a pet puppy available, when we do, we are very concerned about meeting the new owners.  Several years ago shippng was a feasible option, but it has become so expensive that we no longer offer this as an option.  Today it is cost effective to have your puppy fly in the cabin.  It is our preference that you chose one of the following options

Option 1:   Purchase a round trip ticket and fly out to our facility and meet us, pick up your puppy, and fly home with your puppy in the cabin.  This way your puppy can fly on board with you and you are able to care for it directly.  This is less stressful for the puppy who appreciates you presence during this unique experience.  

Option 2:    Some people don't like to fly or simply don't have the time.  Consider purchasing a ticket for us and we'll fly your puppy on board to you.  This gives you the opportunity to meet us, ask questions and learn more about our goals and aspirations.  This option does include the obligation of a hotel room for an overnight stay before we fly home.

Option 3:  Consider a road trip by car out to Playtyme Papillons meet us.

If you would like your puppy spayed or neutered before you arrive to pick it up, this can be arranged.  Please check prices with your local veterinarian for spay and neuter charges in your area and we can let you know what our vet will charge.