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Piper the Service dog

Piper is a service dog for Kevin, She was trained to pick things up, bark on command (to sound protective), as well as many other things. She has a beautiful coat but is keep it trimmed so that its easier for Kevin to take care of. She is a constant companion for Kevin and has opened the doors of communication between the world of non-disabled and kevin. people who would never talk to him or would stare, because of Piper, now will come up and talk to him. This little dog is an amazing girl, but it just goes to show how wonderful this breed really is.

Hey Cherish -

All is well with Piper and I! We have had some great adventures and our bond grows everyday. She has changed my life and I have you to thank for your willingness and support.

While I have way too many pictures to email, I made a web album highlighting some of our adventures. Since the first month, we have been to the Inauguration, Florida with my family for spring break, and beyond...enjoy these and feel free to put them on your site.
She sits on my wheelchair pretty much all day...a great companion and service dog.
Hope all is well!
Kevin A. F.

Florida 2009

One hard working papillon!

Helping at the computer

Fun night out on the town!

Piper take a look and a rest at the new place

More Fun in the Sun!

Best part of a Service dog is they get to go ever where!

Best friends

Nap time

Kevin and Piper

The beach on one of our many adventures