Playtyme Papillons of Distinction - AKC Breeder of Merit

Grooming The Papillon

Papillons are a relatively easy breed to groom, with regular brushing and a little trimming you can handle all of a papillon’s grooming needs right in your own home.

Trimming the papillon feet -  on the left is an ungroomed foot that hasn't been trimmed in a few weeks. on the right is a papillon foot that has just been groomed

We use a thinning scissors and a regular scissor to groom papillon feet. you can also use a little clippers to trim between the pads of the foot if you are unsure about using scissors so close to the skin. clippers work just as well and sometimes better.
we like to use a little handheld clippers that people usually use for a beard.

Looking at the side of the papillon leg the grooming of the papillon front foot should be clean. This side by side comparison helps to visualize what the legs start out looking like and what they can finish looking like.

Notice on the papillon's grooming of the front foot how the extra hair makes his leg look knobby, crooked, and toed out. compared to how different the groomed foot looks. This boy has very nice legs but the hair can be misleading.

When you view this papillons foot from the front you can see the drastic difference that grooming can make. He goes from heavy looking bone to fine, all because of grooming. The best way to achieve this look is with thinning scissors.  Grooming papillons is a slow process when it comes to trimming. take your time and learn how to use the thinners. Practice makes perfect.

this groomed papillon rear leg allows you to see that beautiful fine bone structure. Use the thinning scissors by brushing up with a comb, cut once in each area you want to thin and brush it back down the correct way. If you haven't removed enough repeat the process.

Feet are the only thing that a papillon really needs to have trimmed. Other then this its just brushing out the coat so that all of the hair is tangle free.