Playtyme Papillons of Distinction - AKC Breeder of Merit

The Wonderful World of Dog Show Events

Papillons are very good at agility, They are one of the number #1 breeds for this sport in there size division. This is a timed event over an obstacle course it is judged based on time as well as faults. You start with a perfect score, as you run the course points will be deducted for faults while on course, as well as time faults if you exceed course time.  This is a fast pace event that is fun to watch and run :)

Dog Obedience, can be a fun sport. This is judged on the performance of the dog/handler team.
There are currently two types of obedience: Rally O(bedience) and Obedience. There are many different levels that get progressively harder.

Canine Good Citizen  or CGC is a test of ten behaviors the dog should be able to perform to pass the test. Most dogs who successfully complete a basic obedience class should be able to pass this test.

Tracking is also a fun sport to do with your dog. The basic idea is for the dog to learn to find something. Police dogs are trained to find drugs by teaching them to track a "smell/scent". Search and Rescue dogs learn tracking to find people. Whatever you want to use tracking work for, its fun and rewarding.