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Chianti's Page

Because kris has sent me so many photos of her puppy from us, we decided to build her her own page. Thank-you kris for keeping us up to date on her.

Chianti finished her first obedience class at the top of the class, she was the smallest dog in the class by far but her little size was made up for in her attention and willingness to learn that put her to the top of the class. We are so proud of this little girl and Kris for all the hard work you to have done.

From This                                                      To This          
2 weeks old                                                  2 years old       

5 weeks old - starting to play more with litter and toys

9 weeks old - very cute stage

 10 weeks old - Very Smart puppy - getting out of my pen

Just getting home to my new family

My new Friends! (other dogs are from other breeders)

The floor was cold so I drag this toy everywhere just to sit on.

Any puppy who carries their chair around is one really smart puppy!

Papillons loose their puppy coats and then the adult coat starts to come in.

2 years old

Thank you Kris for keeping us up-to-date on how she is doing. You can also read some of the letters from Kris on the Happy Client Page