Playtyme Papillons of Distinction - AKC Breeder of Merit

Before You arrive at PlayTyme to pick up your new puppy

Please Read the Reports and print the training information
provided in the side tabs.

Things your puppy will need.... also see Products we Recommend

Puppy-proof: Make certain to puppy proof your home BEFORE your puppy comes home. Remove electrical cords, hazardous plants, cleaning supplies, plastic bags, potpourri, grapes/raisins, chocolate, and coffee grounds from your puppies reach.

Crate: Your puppy will need a crate. This will be his safe place. It will also help you in training your puppy. You may decide you would like to have a larger metal crate 24L x 16 W x 21 H for at home and a smaller plastic crate for travel, 22 L x 13 W x 16 H, we prefer the wire or metal crate. You may also choose to travel with a soft-sided 'Sherpa' style bag, we prefer the Snoozer Roll Around size Medium. These look a bit like a duffel bag. They are small and convenient, but do not leave your puppy alone in one, they can easily scratch their way out.

X-pen: These come in plastic or metal varieties. They can be purchased at a pet store or in the baby department. They allow your puppy to get exercise while you are away or at home but unable to have direct supervision of your puppy. They can also be used outdoors to contain your puppy to keep him safe while you are busy doing other things. They are NOT to be used as an outdoor confinement for your puppy. Papillons are house dogs and must live in the house with you!!

Comb: You will need a metal fine/medium tooth comb for grooming your puppy. The comb is the easiest way to make certain you have gotten all tangles out of his/her coat.

Brush: Wooden or metal bristle or oblong Chris Christensen brush. It is good for smoothing the coat, finish brushing or daily brushing, but can also miss tangles so should not be used as the sole grooming tool. This is my favorite brush.

Spray bottle: Fill with 1 part conditioner and 10 parts water. Spritz on the coat whenever you are going to comb or brush your puppy. This will help keep the coat from breaking.

Collar/Leash: Your puppy will need a collar and leash for whenever you take him out. 1/2" width works well, pick a very soft nylon so it will tangle the coat less. A collar that measures 10" and can be adjusted smaller will fit for the life of your puppy. A 4' or 6' lead will work best. Retractable leads are not recommended. They do not encourage proper leash training nor are they especially safe for puppy or human in congested areas. Another option, other than a collar, is to get a soft harness. This will prevent your puppy from pulling too hard and damaging his esophagus, but you will need to brush out his coat after wearing it to avoid tangles.

Food and water dish: Stainless steel dishes are the best and what we use,  they are not porous and are cleaned easily. Your puppy will be use to eating and drinking out of stainless steel dishes and may want to continue to use them.

Food: We feed and highly recommend the following foods

BilJac, Royal Canin, and Fromm

Vitamins: Your puppy will also have been started on NuVet vitamins (use order code 61311), and we recommend you purchase these before bringing your puppy home. We give our dogs NuVet vitamins and recommend our puppies continue to receive them.

Bedding: You can use towels, blankets, or buy bedding designed for dog crates. Papillons also like to curl up in a soft doughnut style bed.

Potty pads: Your puppy will be trained to use puppy potty pads. They can either continue using these in a designated area of your home or you can transition them to outdoors.

Toys: Stuffed toys and chew toys/bones. Make certain to give your puppy plenty that is acceptable for him to play and chew on. This will help keep your new puppy out of mischief. Cows hoofs, and Kong products are also acceptable.