Playtyme Papillons of Distinction - AKC Breeder of Merit
 Playtyme Papillon Puppies

You can't buy loyalty, they say
I bought it though, the other day;
You can't buy friendship tried and true,
But just the same, I bought that too.

I made my bid and on the spot
Bought love and faith and a whole job lot
of happiness, so all in all
The purchase price was pretty small.

I bought a single trusting heart,
That gave devotion from the start
If you think these things are not for sale
Just buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail.

  Our puppies are the result of a careful, very selective breeding program combining over 3 family generations (60 years) in purebred dogs. We've learned a lot along the way. This careful consideration gives you the peace of mind that a Playtyme puppy will be bred for temperament, breed type, quality, boasting a beautiful typical coat.We stand behind our puppies and offer a guarantee with every puppy we sell.

Pet Puppies start at $1700.00 depending on the litter. Show potential puppies are sold on a co-ownership only and start at $3500.

We as owners of the litter reserve the right of first pick out of every litter. We are breeding for the betterment of the breed and in order for this to happen we have to make sure the  future of this breed is protected and are of the best quality. We do not believe that every dog that is AKC Championed is worthy of being bred, nor is every dog who does not finish, unworthy. Having an eye for a dog, knowing the lines, structure, movement and genetics associated with the lines is careful and not exact science.  This is why puppies are spayed or neutered before being sold, or registration papers are withheld until proof is rendered.

We sometimes place beautiful show quality puppies in pet homes. Placing in your home a beautiful Papillon who looks like a Papillon.  (see the link)

Please see the "Training Program page" for more information about what we do during the first days of our papillons life up until they leave us

Please visit the "Information" section of our website for more information about products we recommend, training tips and books, why choose a good breeder, breed standard, and much more


We do have a waitlist for puppies, so if you are considering a puppy from Playtyme, please contact us to get on the list.  Only people with a deposit will be placed on this waiting list. a deposit does not mean you have to take the first puppy offered just that you are serious about getting a puppy from us. This is the best way of being assured of getting the puppy you're looking for.  Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment and we want you to be satisfied.

Please contact Cherish DeWitt : or 616-217-1616 for photos and more information