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As a papillon AKC Breeder of Merit  in Michigan, Playtyme Papillons is committed to campaigning and producing quality papillon puppies for show or pet.  If you are looking for a papillon puppy or want to learn more about the papillon breed  we have provided a wealth of information for you.  The papillon is known for their beautiful coat, butterfly appearance and charming personality, all hallmarks of the papillon breed.  Our papillon puppies are of exceptional quality. As a papillon breeder, we are dedicated to breed quality papillons, of excellent temperament, and health. The papillon dog makes a loving companion and the papillon puppy will delight you with their adorable qualities.  

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Sometimes, but rarely, we have available small papillon puppies, teacup papillon puppies or rare papillon puppies.  While we prefer not to use these terms, a tiny papillon puppy requires the very best of care and requires a very special home.  They may only reach 8" in height and weight less than 5 pounds.

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The papillon is a beautiful dog with a charming personality.  Papillons are called the "butterfly dog" due to their beautiful head and ear silhouette that creates a beautiful butterfly effect. Papillons are a family dog and form a special bond with their owners.  Not only are papillons known for their beauty but their delightful and adoring temperament as well.  The papillon dog has an enormous heart.  They enjoy a long healthy life usually between 13-17 years of age.  The papillon puppy is no exception.  Papillon puppies are sweet and fun.  Papillons love people and are very social with other papillons and dogs.

Once owned primarily by royalty or the wealthy elite,the papillon now graces the homes of many people who find their size and personalities easy to live with. The papillon is  coveted for their beautiful coat, butterfly appearance and charming personality. Papillons boast elegant stature and intelligence making them the perfect choice for many families.  We work hard at Playtyme Papillons to preserve the beauty of this incredibly and very healthy papillon breed. Raised in our hands and home, loved in our hearts, our puppies are the exquisite result of distinction.

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Papillon Club of America                Kalamazoo Kennel Club

Members in good standing with the American Kennel Club, the Papillon Club of America, and Canadian Papillon Club and the Kalamazoo Kennel Club

All of our dogs are health tested and Clear before we ever breed. 
Health and Beauty go hand and hand.

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